Safely transmitting data from your GPS without using your mobile

The exclusive TwoNav service that will allow you to transmit your exact position wherever you are, tracking your routes in realtime and keeping in contact with people without needing a mobile phone.

Broadcast in real time

Turn this feature on from the screen on your FullConnect™ GPS.

Add up to 10 contacts so that any of your teammates, coach, friends, family or colleagues can see live both your route and important stats (distance, altitude, heart rate, power and more).

You can manage your contacts from the GO website.

Emergency alerts

Risk less and enjoy more on your outings. Go out exploring without running down the battery on your mobile, only with your GPS.

If there’s an emergency, you’ll be able to send an alert to your two preset contacts.

After you press the button, the GPS will send an SMS and an Email with your exact position so your family and friends can help you.

You can manage your contacts from the GO website.

Easily add your contacts

Enter up to 10 broadcast contacts to share your position live, and two emergency contacts. Just follow one of these two steps:

  • If you’ve registered your GPS but you forgot to add your contacts, you can manage them from your personal space on the GO website. Enter the contact management section and add them.
  • You can manage your contacts from the GO website.

How do I get SeeMe?

Enjoy a free 6-month trial when you register any Velo, Horizon, Trail or Aventura device.

If you’ve already tried it and you can’t live without it, renew the service for a year and keep enjoying its advantages. And even if you have set up your contacts, you can change them or manage them from the personal area on the GO website whenever you want.